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  • 🍔🧠 Tinder's Swipe-tacular: Scaling to 1.6B Swipes Daily

🍔🧠 Tinder's Swipe-tacular: Scaling to 1.6B Swipes Daily

PLUS: GPT-5 Coming This Summer ❓, AI Chip Wars Intensify 🔋, and Latencies Every Engineer Knows ⏱️

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  1. 📚 Tinder's architecture scaling to 1.6B daily swipe interactions, DoorDash's search engine architecture for fast food delivery, visualize critical latency metrics.

  2. 🗞️ Nvidia levels up AI hardware at the GTC conf. Neuralink empowered a paralyzed patient with mind-computer control. xAI unveils a colossal language model advancing conversational AI frontiers.

  3. 👨🏻‍💻 Quick byte: Embrace Ramda.js for functional JavaScript programming paradigm.

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Food for Thought
A mindset, an example, and an action item to start the week

‘Live life as though nobody is watching, and express yourself as though everyone is listening.’

Nelson Mandela

Mindset: Embrace authenticity, pursue your passions fearlessly, and let your actions inspire others.

Example: Apple's unwavering commitment to innovation and design excellence, regardless of naysayers.

Action item: Identify one personal habit or belief holding you back, and take a small step today to overcome it.

The Rabbit Hole
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ARTICLE (software estimation)
9 principles of software estimation

GITHUB REPO (sora-free)
Make high-quality videos with AI

ARTICLE (startups)
How to Start Google today

ARTICLE (SAAS architecture)
Architectures of early stage startups

The Weekly Digest
Software, AI, and startup news worth your time

Brief: Nvidia introduces next-gen AI chips, Blackwell, at a developer conference amidst high demand for AI processors like the H100, emphasizing its GPU strength in the booming AI ecosystem.

Brief: First human Neuralink patient demonstrates controlling a computer with thoughts, showcasing the potential of brain-computer interface technology for paralyzed individuals.

Brief: xAI unveils the base model checkpoint of Grok-1, a massive 314B parameter Mixture-of-Experts language model trained from scratch, now available under the Apache 2.0 license for general use.

Brief: Introducing Stable Video 3D (SV3D), a generative model by Stability AI that revolutionizes 3D technology with improved quality and view consistency, offering two variants for creating orbital and 3D videos from single images.

Brief: Microsoft appoints Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind, to head a new consumer AI division, consolidating products like Copilot, Bing, and GenAI for integrated development in the AI space.

Brief: OpenAI is set to launch GPT-5, an enhanced AI language model, amid growing anticipation and positive feedback from select enterprise customers.

The Quick Byte
One coding tip because you’re technical after all

This week’s coding challenge:

This week’s tip:

Ramda.js is a functional programming library for JavaScript that promotes a functional programming style and provides a set of utility functions for working with data in a more declarative and composable way.


  • Working with data transformations and operations in a functional programming style.

  • Composing functions and promoting code reusability.

  • Dealing with complex data structures and operations.


  • Functional programming promotes code reusability, composability, and immutability.

  • Ramda.js provides a set of utility functions that make it easier to write functional code in JavaScript.

  • The library encourages a more declarative and expressive coding style, improving code readability and maintainability.

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