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  • 🧠 Small Steps, Big Results: The Extraordinary Power of Daily Actions

🧠 Small Steps, Big Results: The Extraordinary Power of Daily Actions

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In this week’s issue:

  • 🗞️ Discover the new Apple Vision pro AR headset, decentralized social media raising funds, and Instagram’s AI chatbot secret

  • 🛠️ Learn how to use stable diffusion to create QR codes from anything, developer roadmaps to any serious path, and an AI-powered app to search the web like a 10x developer

  • 💡Steal this business idea: EnvisionX, the next-gen content creation platform for mixed-reality media

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Food for Thought

Sharpen your mindset

‘What you do on your ordinary days determines what you can achieve on your extraordinary days’.

Richard Marcinko

Mindset: The quote reminds us that success is not merely a result of sporadic bursts of effort, but rather the cumulative impact of consistent actions taken on ordinary days. By recognizing the importance of our daily choices and efforts, we can align them with our long-term goals and aspirations, paving the way for extraordinary outcomes. Consistency is key.

Example: Consider the company Amazon and its strategic approach to customer obsession. On ordinary days, Amazon prioritizes providing exceptional customer experiences through efficient logistics, personalized recommendations, and continuous innovation. As a result, on extraordinary days, such as during peak shopping seasons or product launches, Amazon's customer-centric foundation allows them to set the base in terms of customer satisfaction, and achieve extraordinary sales and growth.

Action item: Start today by setting clear goals and identifying the actions necessary to achieve them. Break down your goals into manageable tasks that you can work on daily, no matter how small. Consistently devote time and effort to these tasks, even when progress may seem incremental. By doing so, you will establish a pattern of consistency and build momentum over time. Remember, the key lies in maintaining focus and perseverance on your ordinary days, as they hold the potential to shape your extraordinary achievements.


The Weekly Pulse

Tech, AI, and business news worth your time

Brief: Apple unveiled its long-awaited AR headset, the Apple Vision Pro, at WWDC 2023, promising a new way of interacting with computing UI through “spatial computing”. The headset features a sleek design, a 4K micro-OLED display, eye, and hand tracking, spatial audio, and compatibility with iOS and macOS devices.

Takeaway: The Apple Vision Pro is a bold move by Apple to enter the emerging market of mixed reality, which combines elements of augmented and virtual reality. The headset could redefine how we work, play, and communicate in the digital world, as well as create new opportunities and challenges for developers, content creators, and consumers.

Brief: Joe Russo, director of Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame," predicts that within two years, AI will be capable of creating full-fledged movies, highlighting the growing interest in text-to-video models among tech giants. Runway, a Google-backed AI startup, released Gen-2, a commercially available text-to-video model, but it faces limitations like low frame-rates, and graininess, and struggles with nuance and accuracy.

Takeaway: While Gen-2 is an impressive step forward and offers potential for artists and designers, it falls short of being a game-changing tool in the film industry. Filmmakers and professionals can rest assured that it will take several iterations and advancements before AI technology can produce film-quality footage. However, the rise of text-to-video models indicates a significant trend in the intersection of AI, market trends, technology, and creative processes, sparking discussions around the future of filmmaking and its potential impact on the industry.

Brief: Aave, the decentralized finance leader, secures $15 million in funding for Lens, its NFT-powered protocol for decentralized social media, aiming to empower users with ownership over their online presence and facilitate the transfer of social data across platforms while challenging mainstream Web2 social media platforms that lack this feature.

Takeaway: This news highlights the growing trend of decentralized social media platforms and the increasing demand for ownership and control over online identities. Lens Protocol's focus on user ownership and interoperability positions it as a potential common network for content and follower exchange between social media platforms, indicating a shift towards a more user-centric and decentralized future in the social media landscape.

Brief: The recent pricing API updates by Reddit have sparked anger among Redditors, particularly third-party app developers, as the changes may lead to the shutdown of popular apps like Apollo with numerous subreddits going dark in protest.

Takeaway: This news highlights the potential disruption and backlash caused by Reddit's API changes, raising concerns about the future of third-party apps and user experience on the platform, while also emphasizing the power of community-driven actions in response to platform decisions and the significance of APIs in shaping the functionality and accessibility of digital platforms.

Brief: Leaked images suggest that Instagram is potentially developing an AI chatbot that offers question answering and advice, allowing users to choose from a variety of AI personalities; however, previous experiences with AI chatbots on social platforms like Snapchat highlight the challenges and pitfalls associated with such implementations.

Takeaway: This news sheds light on Instagram's potential move into AI chatbots, reflecting the growing trend of using generative AI in various business functions; while the leaked information sparks curiosity about the effectiveness and safety of AI chatbots, it also hints at Instagram's broader ambitions, including the development of a Twitter competitor, indicating the platform's desire to expand its offerings and compete in the evolving landscape of social media.


The Rabbit Hole

Tools, trends, and resources curated to get you ahead

TREND (Stable diffusion) → Creating QR codes with Stable diffusion to contextualize anything

TOOL (AI content presentation) → An AI-powered app to write beautiful slides, decks, and even webpages in seconds

ARTICLE (System Design) → A handbook for design patterns with key concepts every developer should know

TREND (AI for content) → Use ChatGPT as a technical writing assistant with specific tactics

TOOL (10x research) → An AI-powered app to research faster on the web (like having an intern with 50 tabs open)

ARTICLE (Github resource) → The ultimate react course (free) with progressive state-by-step tutorials

TOOL (Dev roadmaps) → A site with step-by-step curated roadmaps for developers

ARTICLE (Time management) → A simple yet powerful technique to manage your time


What If?

The business idea you should steal

🌎🥽 EnvisionX

(AR + content creation)

What? A platform to provide user-friendly tools, SDKs, and a marketplace for developers, designers, and content creators to build and monetize mixed reality content (AR/VR). The platform could also offer tutorials, templates, and resources to support the creation process.

How? Use SDKs (software development kits) that are compatible with Apple’s visionOS operating system, which is designed to support low-latency and high-performance mixed reality applications. The platform could also integrate with other popular platforms and services, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, AWS, Azure, etc., to offer more features and functionalities.

Why? Apple making a move in this space usually signifies that there will be big opportunities to play. The space is not entirely new but will get a new refresh with Apple putting money down in this area. Pricing models don’t need to be new as there is always space for early adopters in new consumers realms. The platform could differentiate itself from other competitors by focusing on the specific needs and preferences of mixed-reality creators and niching down instead of trying to capture the whole market.



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