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  • 🍔🧠 Scaling Cron Jobs: Slack's Distributed Execution System

🍔🧠 Scaling Cron Jobs: Slack's Distributed Execution System

PLUS: Microsoft's Copilot+ PC 💻, Facebook Billion Users Video Streaming 📹, the New GPU Programming Language 🫢

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This week marks the last Hungry Minds of year 1! 🥳

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This year the Hungry Minds community has grown to over 15k here over email and close to 60k on LinkedIn.

There is so much that I am working on for the next year:

  1. Integrating more breadth and depth in sources with summarized content digests

  2. Launching a deep dive column on Thursdays for SWE/AI topics

  3. Creating 1-stop guides, a referral system, and more!

I’m also super open to ideas, let me know what you want to see next for Hungry Minds. As I always like to say:

It’s always day one! 🔥


  • 📚 Distributed cron system for scale at Slack. Discover 9 programming insights you wish you had known earlier. Petabyte-scale logging system built by Zomato.

  • 🗞️ Microsoft debuts AI-powered Copilot+ PC, SpaceX showcases Starlink's cellular technology, AI pin startup valuation at $1B by Humane.

  • 👨🏻‍💻 Quick byte: Common Table Expressions in SQL enhance readability, and maintainability.

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Food for Thought
A mindset, an example, and an action item to start the week

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

Paulo Coelho

Mindset: This quote inspires a growth mindset, emphasizing continuous self-improvement as a catalyst for positive change.

Example: Zappos, an online retailer, fosters a culture of self-betterment, empowering employees to enhance customer experiences.

Action Item: Identify one area for personal growth and commit to a small, actionable step toward improvement.

The Rabbit Hole
Deep dives, trends, and resources curated to stay ahead


ARTICLE (react-leaks)
How to Prevent React Memory Leaks

GITHUB (java-world)
Java Design Patterns

The Weekly Digest
Software, AI, and startup news worth your time

Brief: Microsoft announces new AI-driven PC devices with impressive battery life and enhanced performance, including the Surface Pro featuring Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite chip and the Surface Laptop Go with the latest chips, showcasing significant advancements in power efficiency.

Brief: Social media uproar surrounds Google's AI Overview's unconventional responses, prompting manual intervention to curb quirky outputs and criticisms from AI experts on achieving flawless AI adaptability.

Brief: Humane, the startup behind the AI Pin wearable, is looking to sell its business valued between $750M to $1B, offering a unique device with a novel approach for reducing smartphone dependence but facing challenges with software quality and hardware issues.

Brief: Researchers unveil the intricate inner workings of Claude Sonnet, a cutting-edge language model, shedding light on how it comprehends a myriad of concepts from diverse fields like science, programming, and more, through feature extraction.

Brief: SpaceX showcases the capabilities of Starlink's cellular technology by enabling a video call between phones using its satellite network.

Brief: SEC greenlights rule change, opening doors for upcoming smaller-sized ether ETFs following prior successful bitcoin approvals and market anticipation.

The Quick Byte
One coding tip because you’re technical after all

This week’s coding challenge:

This week’s tip:

Common Table Expressions (CTEs) in SQL allow you to define temporary result sets that can be referenced within a SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement. They make complex queries more readable and maintainable.


  • Complex Queries: Ideal for breaking down complex queries into more manageable parts.

  • Recursive Queries: Useful for performing recursive operations like hierarchy traversals.

  • Improving Readability: Efficient for improving the readability and organization of SQL statements.


  • Readability: Enhances readability by separating query logic into distinct, named components.

  • Maintainability: Simplifies query maintenance and updates by breaking down logic into manageable parts.

  • Modularity: Encourages a modular approach to query design, making it easier to test and debug.

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