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  • 🍔🧠 Scaling for Billions: Uber's Data Ingestion Powerhouse

🍔🧠 Scaling for Billions: Uber's Data Ingestion Powerhouse

PLUS: Nvidia Beats Apple 😲, How to Scale Databases ⚡, Load Balancing Crash Course 👨🏻‍🎓

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  • 📚 How Uber tracks billions of trips, 4 software design principles learned the hard way, UML class diagrams explained.

  • 🗞️ Nvidia becomes the second most valuable company, Microsoft's AI-powered recall feature sparks cybersecurity concerns, and scientists develop ultra-thin batteries charged by tears.

  • 👨🏻‍💻 Quick byte: Zustand - simple state management library for React applications.

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Food for Thought
A mindset, an example, and an action item to start the week

"Code is like humor. When you have to explain it, it’s bad."

Cory House

Mindset: Simplicity and elegance are hallmarks of great code, just as conciseness is key to effective humor - both should be self-explanatory.

Example: Apple's legendary focus on user experience stems from its commitment to clean, intuitive design and code that "just works."

Action Item: Refactor a small section of your codebase today, striving for clarity and removing any unnecessary comments or convoluted logic.

The Rabbit Hole
Deep dives, trends, and resources curated to stay ahead


ARTICLE (we love cookies)
Demystifying cookies and tokens

GITHUB REPO (open-courses-ai)
Microsoft’s free courses on generative AI

COURSE (balance that load)
Load balancing crash course

ARTICLE (calvin harris in html)
How deep is your DOM?

The Weekly Digest
Software, AI, and startup news worth your time

Brief: Nvidia's market value reaches $3.01 trillion, surpassing Apple, driven by dominance in the AI sector with the H100 chip and reports of staggering profits.

Brief: Musk faces allegations of diverting Tesla's high-end H100 GPU clusters to his social media company X instead of utilizing them for Tesla's AI development, while the automaker navigates challenges with its FSD technology rollout.

Brief: Apple decides to rebrand its artificial intelligence division as 'Apple Intelligence,' embracing a simpler and more straightforward name for its AI initiatives.

Brief: Microsoft introduces Recall, an AI feature capturing PC activities, with privacy concerns as experts warn of cybersecurity risks like data storage flaws and potential exploitation by threat actors.

Brief: An ultra-thin battery, just 0.2mm thick, capable of being powered by tears offers a breakthrough in wearable technology, inspired by a "Mission Impossible" scene.

Brief: This is a free text-to-audio model that generates sound effects and production elements. Unlike its commercial counterpart, Stable Audio, this open-source model focuses on shorter audio samples and is ideal for drum beats, instrument riffs, and ambient sounds.

The Quick Byte
One coding tip because you’re technical after all

This week’s coding challenge:

This week’s tip:

Zustand is a small, fast, scalable state management library for React applications. It provides a simple API for creating and managing a global state.


  • Simple State Management: Ideal for small to medium-sized applications where Redux might be overkill.

  • Local and Global State: Suitable for managing both local and global state without boilerplate code.


  • Simplicity: Minimal boilerplate and easy to set up and use.

  • Performance: Optimized for performance with minimal re-renders.

  • Flexibility: Works well with React's concurrent features and can manage both local and global state.

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