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  • 🍔🧠 Prime Video: Amazon's Secret to Streaming Video at Scale

🍔🧠 Prime Video: Amazon's Secret to Streaming Video at Scale

PLUS: Engineering practices for LLM development 🧠, Low latency JS runtime from AWS Labs ⚡, and center divs properly after all these years 🎉

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  1. 📚 Stream live video at scale like Amazon, how Canva supports 135M users collaborating and building your professional brand on LinkedIn.

  2. 🗞️ OpenAI creates realistic scenes, Google evolves AI capabilities, and Slack boosts productivity.

  3. 👨🏻‍💻 Quick byte: Labeled statements control flow precisely in JavaScript.

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Food for Thought
A mindset, an example, and an action item to start the week

‘Think twice, code once.’

Waseem Latif

Mindset: Slowing down to think through problems thoroughly before coding saves time and frustration.

Example: Slack's design process emphasizes prototyping and user testing before coding features.

Action item: Before jumping into a coding task, take 5 minutes to think through potential solutions and outline the steps.

The Rabbit Hole
Deep dives, trends, and resources curated to stay ahead


An interactive guide to CRDTs, the data type used for peer-to-peer synchronization

ESSENTIAL (lessons from 30 years)
Lessons learned from 30 years of software engineers

ARTICLE (finally)
How to Center a Div (definitive illustrated guide)

TOOL (Nvidia strikes back)
Build a custom LLM with Chat locally

The Weekly Digest
Software, AI, and startup news worth your time

OpenAI unveils Sora, an AI model creating intricate scenes from text instructions, targeting various industries like art, film, and security.

Google introduces Gemini 1.5, a sophisticated AI model following the success of Gemini, boasting a disruptive "Mixture of Experts" technique to enhance efficiency and speed, with an impressive 1 million token context window.

Slack introduces Slack AI, enhancing productivity by providing personalized answers through AI-powered search, saving users on average 97 minutes weekly with major time savings for companies like SpotOn, Uber, and Anthropic.

OpenAI is working on a web search product that could rival Google, incorporating Bing's technology into the development.

Apple is working on several generative AI features, including a tool to create code quickly.

The company’s chief AI scientist Yann LeCun believes the V-JEPA model, which trains by filling in gaps in video, could be a first step toward artificial general intelligence.

The Quick Byte
One coding tip because you’re technical after all

This week’s coding challenge:

This week’s tip:

In JavaScript, labeled statements pair with break or continue to control the flow more precisely within loops or switch cases. Labels provide identifiers for statements, allowing you to directly influence the execution of loops or code blocks.


  • Nested Loops: When managing nested loops you need to break out of or continue in an outer loop from within an inner loop.

  • Complex Control Flows: In scenarios where standard loop controls don't offer the needed precision, you want to modify the execution flow based on specific conditions.


  • Enhanced Control: They offer a level of control over loops and switch statements not achievable through regular break and continue statements.

  • Increased Clarity: When used judiciously, they can make the control flow of complex loops clearer by explicitly stating which loop is being influenced.

  • Avoids Refactoring: In complex loop situations where refactoring into smaller functions or using other control structures might not be viable or would complicate the code further.

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