🍔🧠 Payments 101: Stripe's Protocol

PLUS: Apple's M4 chip powers AI 🤖, Database indexes 101 💾, Crawl websites into clean markdown 📄

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  • 📚 Learn about Stripe's double payment prevention, dive into database index internals, and see Reddit's high-performance metadata store.

  • 🗞️ Apple's M4 chip tailored for AI tasks, Microsoft's AI model ambitions, Stack Overflow-OpenAI collaboration.

  • 👨🏻‍💻 Quick byte: Async iterators in Node.js streamline asynchronous data processing.

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"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

Henry David Thoreau

Mindset: Unwavering commitment to the process, not the outcome, fuels success - focus on execution, not validation.

Example: Apple's relentless pursuit of innovation, even during periods of doubt, exemplifies this mindset.

Action item: Identify one process you can refine today, and immerse yourself in its optimization.

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ESSENTIAL (AWS migration)
Lessons migrating from SAM to AWS CDK

ARTICLE (re-rendering)
Why does React even re-renders?

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Brief: Apple introduces the M4 chip, optimized for AI tasks with enhanced CPU performance and a new Neural Engine, promising breakthrough products with improved speed and precision.

Brief: OpenAI partners with Stack Overflow to enhance the performance of large language models by integrating Stack Overflow's OverflowAPI, providing improved model insights, and attributing the Stack Overflow community within ChatGPT.

Brief: Apple is finalizing an agreement with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT features into iOS 18, revealing negotiations with Google for its Gemini chatbot and a significant move towards enhancing artificial intelligence capabilities in its devices.

Brief: Microsoft is developing the MAI-1 AI model, aiming to challenge giants like Google and OpenAI by creating a highly advanced and versatile AI system.

Brief: Google's DeepMind introduces AlphaFold 3, an advanced AI model predicting the structure and interactions of life's molecules, facilitating groundbreaking insights and drug development collaborations.

The Quick Byte
One coding tip because you’re technical after all

This week’s coding challenge:

This week’s tip:

Async iterators in Node.js are part of the ES2018 specification and allow handling streams of data asynchronously using a for-await-of loop. This method is particularly effective for efficiently processing large or complex streams of data.


  • Handling Stream Data: Ideal for applications dealing with continuous data streams, such as logs, network traffic, or large files.

  • Real-Time Data Processing: Useful in scenarios where data needs to be processed in real-time as it becomes available.

  • Back-Pressure Management: Effective in managing back-pressure in stream processing, ensuring that data isn't consumed faster than it can be processed.


  • Non-Blocking I/O: Ensures that the application remains responsive by not blocking the event loop while waiting for data.

  • Efficient Data Handling: Enables more efficient data handling and processing, optimizing resource usage.

  • Improved Scalability: Supports better scalability of applications that need to handle high volumes of data or traffic.

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