🍔🧠 gRPC: The Ultimate Deep Dive

PLUS: Mind-controlled cursor gaming breakthrough 🕹️, Scaling e-commerce cart architecture 🛒, Proxy Pattern primer 🧱

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  1. 📚 Dive deep into gRPC technology, 15 types of databases and how to use them, how Stripe built smart retries with ensembling

  2. 🗞️ Mind-controlling cursors in Neuralink trials, Apple's potential AI app store, and Grok-1.5 reveal by X.ai

  3. 👨🏻‍💻 Quick byte: Proxy Pattern for controlled access and added functionality

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‘Success is not in what you have, but who you are.’

Bo Bennett

Mindset: True success is defined by character, not possessions - cultivate integrity, resilience, and a growth mindset.

Example: Patagonia's mission goes beyond profit, championing environmental responsibility and ethical labor practices.

Action item: Identify one personal value you'll prioritize over material gains today, no matter how small.

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ESSENTIAL (testing better)
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Brief: Neuralink releases video of a paralyzed individual using brain implant to control cursor in chess, showcasing advancements in mind-computer interaction.

Brief: Apple could unveil an AI App Store at WWDC 2024, potentially showcasing how consumers can access a variety of AI apps from different vendors, emulating its success in other industry-shaping storefronts.

Brief: Worldcoin Foundation releases essential components of the Orb's software on GitHub, emphasizing privacy, image processing transparency, and humanness verification for users online.

Brief: X.ai introduces Grok-1.5, boasting significant advancements in reasoning, scoring notably higher in mathematics and programming language tasks, with expanded contextual understanding of up to 128,000 tokens.

Brief: OpenAI and Microsoft collaborating on a massive $100 billion data center project, codenamed "Stargate," aiming to build a powerful AI supercomputer using innovative design and alternative power sources.

Brief: Hume AI secures a $50M Series B led by EQT Ventures, introducing their Empathic Voice Interface utilizing innovative generative AI for human-like interactions.

The Quick Byte
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This week’s coding challenge:

This week’s tip:

The Proxy Pattern is a structural design pattern that provides a surrogate or placeholder object that controls access to another object, called the subject. The proxy can perform tasks such as access control, caching, or lazy initialization before or after forwarding requests to the subject.


  • When you need to control or manage access to an object or resource.

  • When you want to add additional behavior or functionality before or after forwarding requests to the subject.

  • When you need to implement lazy initialization or caching for expensive objects.


  • Promotes the principle of least privilege by controlling access to the subject.

  • Allows you to introduce additional functionality or behavior without modifying the subject's implementation.

  • Provides a way to create a surrogate object that can be used in place of the subject, while still maintaining the same interface.

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