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  • 🍔🧠 Graph Algorithms: Robinhood's Fraud-Fighting

🍔🧠 Graph Algorithms: Robinhood's Fraud-Fighting

PLUS: Ray-Ban's multimodal AI glasses 🕶️, locally run large language models ⚡, building a meme search engine 🔍

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  1. 📚 Dropbox's scaling journey to 100k. Build a meme search engine with vector databases. Launch AI models locally with minimal setup.

  2. 🗞️ Ray-Ban smart glasses enhanced with multimodal AI. Biden signs TikTok ban if ByteDance doesn't sell. Tesla teases Uber's rival self-driving ride-hailing app.

  3. 👨🏻‍💻 Quick byte: MongoDB partial indexing optimizes large dataset queries.

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‘I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.’

Thomas Jefferson

Mindset: Luck favors the persistent; relentless effort begets fortuitous opportunities.

Example: Apple's success stemmed from Steve Jobs' unwavering commitment to innovation.

Action item: Identify one task you've been procrastinating on and devote focused effort to it today.

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How does ChatGPT work?

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Brief: Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses now integrate advanced multimodal AI technology, allowing users to interact with their surroundings through real-time data processing and interpretation for various tasks.

Brief: Microsoft introduces Phi-3 Mini, a compact AI model with 3.8 billion parameters, offering efficiency and high performance in comparison to larger models, poised to disrupt the AI landscape.

Brief: US Senate and House pass a bill forcing TikTok's Chinese owner ByteDance to sell within 270 days or face US market expulsion amid national security concerns.

Brief: Synthesia's innovative use of generative neural networks propels the creation of lifelike AI avatars for corporate communication, leveraging data from 1,000 professional actors to enhance content engagement.

Brief: Tesla unveils a glimpse of its upcoming self-driving ride-hailing app, integrating Uber-like features with unique capabilities for autonomous vehicles, indicating progress towards its long-anticipated 'Tesla Network'.

Brief: Apple is diving into the AI realm by crafting its bespoke AI server processor utilizing TSMC's cutting-edge 3nm process, set for production by late 2025.

The Quick Byte
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This week’s coding challenge:

This week’s tip:

MongoDB's dynamic partial indexing feature allows for highly efficient data retrieval by creating indexes that only include documents that meet a specified filter condition. This reduces index size and improves performance for queries that match the filter.


  • Optimizing Query Performance: Especially useful in large collections where only a subset of documents is frequently queried.

  • Reducing Resource Usage: Minimizes the memory and storage footprint of indexes by excluding irrelevant documents.

  • Conditional Data Access: Ideal for scenarios where access patterns are conditional, such as temporal data or multi-tenant systems where data relevancy changes over time.


  • Efficiency in Large Datasets: Significantly improves query performance and reduces operational costs in large datasets.

  • Resource Optimization: Reduces the overhead of maintaining large indexes by focusing only on relevant subsets of data.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: Offers a scalable indexing strategy that adapts to dynamic conditions and evolving data access patterns.

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