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  • 🧠 Find Hidden Opportunities: Embracing an Optimistic Outlook

🧠 Find Hidden Opportunities: Embracing an Optimistic Outlook

PLUS: OpenAI’s Copilot, the coding collaboration tool 💡, combine multiple data sources with LLM pipelines 🔗, and create a shape-shifting transformer robot with Caltech 🤖

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In this week’s issue:

  • 🗞️ DeepMind’s Gemini AI system for language and games 🧩, Caltech’s shape-shifting transformer robot 🤖, and Augmedics’ AR and AI spinal surgery solution 💡 

  • 🛠️ How to use Github Copilot to its fullest potential 🚀, chat with any data on Hacker News with generative AI 🗣️, and learn the 10 laws of working in tech 👩‍💻 

  • 💡 Steal this business idea: AlphaLearn, a generative AI system that creates personalized and interactive learning content for students and teachers 📚

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Food for Thought

Sharpen your mindset

‘The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.’

Winston Churchill

Mindset: This quote is important because it reminds us that our mindset plays a crucial role in how we perceive challenges and opportunities. Embracing an optimistic outlook can help us find hidden possibilities and conquer obstacles with resilience and determination.

Example: One real business example of a company that showcased this quote is Airbnb. When faced with a decline in customers during the 2008 economic crisis, instead of giving up, they saw an opportunity. They pivoted their business model from renting out air mattresses to offering unique and affordable accommodations, effectively disrupting the hospitality industry.

Action item: Today, challenge yourself to reframe a difficulty into an opportunity. Identify one problem or obstacle you are currently facing and brainstorm three possible ways it could be turned into a potential advantage. This exercise will help you develop an optimistic mindset and unlock creative solutions.


The Weekly Pulse

Tech, AI, and business news worth your time

Brief: DeepMind, the AI lab behind Google, is developing Gemini, an AI system that combines the strengths of AlphaGo with the language capabilities of GPT-4 to create a more capable language model with new capabilities such as planning and problem-solving.

Takeaway: Gemini's development demonstrates Google's commitment to staying competitive in the rapidly evolving field of generative AI and leverages the potential of combining AlphaGo techniques with language models like GPT-4, paving the way for advancements in natural language processing, problem-solving, and AI-driven applications across industries.

Brief: Caltech introduces the M4, a robot that can change its shape to drive, fly, and walk, powered by Nvidia's Jetson Nano CPU and equipped with artificial intelligence to autonomously navigate surroundings and achieve eight distinct types of motion.

Takeaway: This shape-shifting robot showcases the potential for versatile robotics solutions in fields such as transportation, exploration, and search-and-rescue operations, with its transformative capabilities and integration of AI-driven decision-making.

Brief: Microsoft introduces Microsoft 365 Copilot, a groundbreaking tool that combines large language models with Microsoft 365 apps, allowing users to unleash creativity, boost productivity, and enhance their skills by turning their words into a powerful productivity tool, providing features such as content generation, data analysis, and presentation creation.

Takeaway: With the launch of Microsoft 365 Copilot, Microsoft aims to transform the way people work by integrating AI and language models into everyday productivity tools, empowering users to tap into the full potential of their data and streamline their workflows, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective work processes.

Brief: Harvard University plans to enhance its popular computer science course by providing students with its own proprietary large language model, the CS50 bot, which will offer personalized feedback and debugging support, aiming to create a 1:1 student-to-teacher experience.

Takeaway: With the introduction of its own generative AI model, Harvard demonstrates its commitment to embracing the power of AI in education while addressing the need for personalized support and individual learning styles. This reflects the growing importance of AI in reshaping the learning experience and could pave the way for more effective and engaging education methods in the future.

Brief: Augmedics, a medtech startup, secures $82.5 million in funding for the development of its augmented reality (AR) platform, which combines software with custom-made hardware to enhance surgical accuracy in spinal procedures.

Takeaway: This significant investment in Augmedics reflects the growing importance of AR in the field of surgery, as healthcare providers strive for improved surgical outcomes and precision. The integration of AR and AI technologies offers new possibilities for the future of surgical navigation, potentially transforming the way spinal surgeries are performed and raising the bar for surgical accuracy.


The Rabbit Hole

Tools, trends, and resources curated to get you ahead

TREND (Copilot for coding) → A well-rounded blog post on how to use Github Copilot to its fullest

TOOL (Hacker News pal) → Chat with any data on Hacker News using generative AI

ARTICLE (workspace skills) → Forbes article proving why AI delegation is the next must-have skill in the workspace

TREND (LLM pipelines) → Combine multiple local and remote data sources and extract information with generative AI

TOOL (prompt marketplace) → A marketplace designed for LLM prompts

ARTICLE (VIM for normies) → Experienced and tenured software engineer shares 10 laws of working in tech and developing software

TOOL (AI for finance) → Open source code repository on systems for financial management with GPT models

ARTICLE (YC picks) → 35% of the latest YC startups batch are AI related, a deep dive


What If?

The business idea you should steal

🐲📚 AlphaLearn

(Deepmind’s AI + learning primitives)

What? A generative AI system that can create personalized and interactive learning content for students and teachers.

How? Use the Gemini AI system from DeepMind that combines language capabilities with AlphaGo techniques to generate natural and engaging content based on the learner’s preferences, goals, and feedback. The system can also adapt to the learner’s pace and level of difficulty, and provide assessments and feedback.

Why? This idea offers a novel and customized solution for education that can enhance the learning outcomes and motivation of students. The global market for AI in education is expected to grow from USD 1.1 billion in 2019 to USD 8.4 billion by 2024, with a high demand for personalized and adaptive learning solutions.



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