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  • 🍔🧠 Elon Musk's New AI Company xAI Promises to Revolutionize Technology

🍔🧠 Elon Musk's New AI Company xAI Promises to Revolutionize Technology

PLUS: AI Code Interpreter for Beginners 🔧, Open Source Implementations of Famous AI Papers 📚, and Create a Transparent and Fair Market for Image Rights Licensing ⚖️

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In this week’s issue:

  • 🗞️ Elon Musk’s new AI venture xAI, Google’s AI note-taking app NotebookLM, and Hollywood actors’ strike over AI image rights

  • 🛠️ A tech stack to bootstrap AI applications easily, an interactive tool to learn SVG path commands, and an article on different database types with illustrations

  • 💡 Steal this business idea: EyeShield — A service that protects your image rights from AI exploitation using face recognition, voice cloning, and deepfakes detection

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Food for Thought

Sharpen your mindset

‘Don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality.’

Les Brown

Mindset: This quote is important because it reminds us that we have the power to shape our own reality. We should not let other people’s opinions limit our potential or define our worth. We should believe in ourselves and our abilities, and pursue our goals with confidence and passion.

Example: One company that showcased this quote is Apple. When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started the company in 1976, they faced many skeptics and critics who doubted their vision and products. They did not let those opinions stop them from innovating and creating some of the most influential and successful products in history, such as the Macintosh, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad.

Action item: One tiny concrete action you can take today to apply this quote is to write down a positive affirmation about yourself and your goals. For example, you can write “I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to” or “I am a valuable and unique person who deserves respect and happiness”. Repeat this affirmation to yourself every morning and evening, and whenever you feel discouraged or insecure. This will help you boost your self-esteem and motivation, and overcome any negative opinions from others.


The Weekly Pulse

Tech, AI, and business news worth your time

Brief: Elon Musk has officially launched a new AI company called xAI, with a mission to "understand reality" bringing together researchers from DeepMind, Google Research, Microsoft, and other AI leaders to unlock the secrets of the universe and answer fundamental unanswered questions.

Takeaway: With the launch of xAI, Elon Musk aims to push the boundaries of AI research and exploration, potentially revolutionizing our understanding of the universe and paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in science, technology, and human knowledge.

Brief: Google introduces NotebookLM, an experimental note-taking app that leverages the power of language models to provide insights, summaries, and connections based on selected sources, allowing users to create a personalized AI assistant grounded in their own content.

Takeaway: With the release of NotebookLM, Google is aiming to tap into the potential of language models to empower users with a virtual research assistant that can efficiently process and comprehend information from source documents, enabling faster and more insightful knowledge discovery and document analysis. This development highlights Google's continued efforts to integrate AI capabilities into its products and services, revolutionizing the way we engage with and derive value from information.

Brief: OpenAI introduces Code Interpreter, a powerful tool that allows users to work with AI and Python code seamlessly, unlocking new possibilities and eliminating errors for those with limited coding experience, while integrating text, code, and images for tasks such as proving arguments or invoking emotions.

Takeaway: Code Interpreter represents a major step forward in AI technology, empowering both coding experts and novices alike to leverage the power of AI to solve complex problems and drive innovation, ultimately revolutionizing the way data is manipulated and bridging the gap between human creativity and machine capabilities.

Brief: Stability AI launches Stable Doodle, a new service that transforms sketches into visually appealing images, leveraging the latest Stable Diffusion model and providing precise control over image generation for professionals and beginners alike.

Takeaway: This release by Stability AI reflects the growing demand for AI-powered creativity tools in design and illustration, while also showcasing the potential for generative AI technologies to increase efficiency and accelerate the creative process in various industries.

Brief: Hollywood actors announce a strike following a proposal from Hollywood studios that aims to use AI to control and protect actors' digital likenesses, raising concerns about consent and compensation.

Takeaway: This strike highlights the emerging tension between actors and studios over the use of AI, as technological advancements continue to blur the lines between reality and digital representations. The outcome of this strike could shape the future of image rights in the entertainment industry and set a precedent for the broader discussion on AI's impact on labor rights.

Brief: Suumit Shah, CEO of Indian e-commerce platform Dukaan, faces backlash for firing 90% of customer support staff in favor of an AI chatbot that supposedly improved response times significantly, but users express doubts about the reasoning behind the layoffs and complain about the decreased quality of customer service.

Takeaway: This incident raises questions about the future of customer support, where AI chatbots are replacing human agents, potentially leading to more efficient response times but also concerns about limited problem-solving capabilities and a lack of personal touch in customer interactions.


The Rabbit Hole

Tools, trends, and resources curated to get you ahead

TREND (AI open source) → A Github repository of a tech stack to bootstrap AI applications easily

TOOL (SVG syntax) → Understand SVG path commands in an interactive tool/blog post

ARTICLE (software design) → Understand the different database types with illustrations

TREND (AI research) → Open source implementations of famous AI articles with side-notes

TOOL (meta open source) → Collection of open source Meta developer tools

ARTICLE (software engineering) → Readability in software design explained by the likes of Google


What If?

The business idea you should steal

👁️🛡️ EyeShield

(face recognition + human rights)

What? A service that helps celebrities/anyone protect their image rights from being exploited by AI technologies. It could monitor the usage of faces, voices, or likenesses in various media platforms, and take legal actions if necessary.

How? Use AI technologies such as face recognition, voice cloning, or deepfakes detection to identify and track the instances of people’s image rights being violated. It could also provide users with tools and resources to manage their image rights portfolio.

Why? This idea could address the growing concern of Hollywood actors over AI image rights, as evidenced by the recent strike news. It could help actors secure their income and reputation from being harmed by unauthorized or unethical use of their image rights. It could also create a more transparent and fair market for image rights licensing. The global digital rights management market size is estimated to reach USD 6.5 billion by 2025, which indicates a large opportunity for this service.



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