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  • 馃崝馃 DALL路E 3: The AI That Can Draw Anything You Imagine (4 min)

馃崝馃 DALL路E 3: The AI That Can Draw Anything You Imagine (4 min)

PLUS: Microsoft Copilot: Your AI Companion 馃, Neuralink Seeks Human Test Subjects 馃, Generate React components with a Prompt 馃洜锔

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In this week's issue:

  • 馃棡锔 Microsoft Copilot: AI companion for coding. DALL路E 3: Text-to-image system with nuance. Neuralink: Brain-computer interface for humans

  • 馃洜锔 Threads: How to scale to 100M users in 5 days. Midjourney: Generate React components with a prompt. Scaling Kafka: Paypal's experience and lessons

  • 馃挕 Steal this business idea: JobExec, an AI-powered platform that connects executive candidates with recruiters and employers.

Reading time: 5 minutes


Food for Thought

Sharpen your mindset

鈥楧on鈥檛 let yesterday take up too much of today.鈥

Will Rogers

Mindset: This quote reminds us to focus on the present and not dwell on the past. The past is gone and we cannot change it, but we can learn from it and use it to improve our future. By letting go of yesterday, we freed up our mental space and energy for today.

Action item: One tiny concrete action you can take today to apply this quote is to write down one thing you are grateful for in the present moment. This will help you shift your attention from the past to the present and appreciate what you have right now. It will also boost your mood and motivation for the day.


The Weekly Pulse

Tech, AI, and business news worth your time

Brief: Microsoft announces Microsoft Copilot, a new AI experience that will be integrated into Windows 11, Microsoft 365, and Edge. Copilot will provide users with personalized and intelligent assistance for various tasks, such as text authoring, voice access, shopping, and work collaboration. Copilot will leverage the latest AI models from Microsoft and OpenAI, such as DALL.E 3 and GPT-4.

Takeaway: This announcement showcases Microsoft's vision to make AI accessible and ubiquitous for everyone, and to empower users with creativity and productivity across different domains and devices. Copilot could also create new opportunities and challenges for the AI industry, as it will expose more people to the potential and limitations of generative AI, a branch of AI that can create new content and data from existing ones.

Brief: ChatGPT introduces DALL路E 3, a new text-to-image system that can generate exceptionally accurate images from any text prompt, using ChatGPT as a brainstorming partner and refiner. DALL路E 3 is built on ChatGPT, a large-scale language model that can generate natural and engaging texts on any topic. DALL路E 3 can handle significantly more nuance and detail than previous systems, and can also make tweaks to the images with just a few words.

Takeaway: This announcement showcases ChatGPT's ambition to create generative AI products and services that can help users express their ideas and creativity in new ways. DALL路E 3 is a powerful tool that can create customized and realistic images from any text input, opening up new possibilities for visual communication and design across various domains and industries. DALL路E 3 will be available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers in October, with a research preview available now.

Brief: Neuralink, a company owned by Elon Musk, is looking for people with quadriplegia due to spinal cord injury or ALS to participate in a six-year trial of its brain-computer device, the N1 implant, which is inserted by a surgical robot and controlled by a user app.

Takeaway: This trial is a big step for Neuralink, which aims to create a brain-computer interface that can help people with paralysis and other conditions. However, the trial is also a controversial one, as Neuralink has faced criticism for its overpromises and internal practices in the past.

Brief: Adobe launched Firefly, a web app that allows users to access its generative AI models for creating and editing content in its Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, and Adobe Experience Cloud. Firefly introduces a new pricing scheme based on generative credits, which measure the usage of these models and affect their performance.

Takeaway: Firefly is Adobe's latest attempt to innovate and dominate the creative software market by leveraging the power of generative AI, which can produce new and realistic content from existing data. Firefly could enable users to enhance their creativity and productivity with features like generative fill and expand in Photoshop, but it could also raise questions about the ethics and ownership of the generated content.

Brief: A Reddit user named "Ugleh" posted an AI-generated image of a spiral-shaped medieval village that went viral on social media for its remarkable geometric qualities. The image was created using Stable Diffusion and ControlNet, two techniques for generative AI art. The artwork received praise and criticism from various online communities, including a comment from Y-Combinator co-founder Paul Graham that it passed the Turing Test for him.

Takeaway: This artwork showcases the potential and limitations of generative AI art, a branch of AI that can create new content and data from existing ones. Generative AI art could offer new possibilities for creativity and expression, as well as challenges for authenticity and originality. As AI-generated art becomes more accessible and popular, it could also raise questions about the value and meaning of human-made art.

Brief: Splunk, a leader in data analytics and AI announces its transformational merger with Cisco, a leader in networking and security, to deliver the most comprehensive visibility and insight across security, observability, and network operations.

Takeaway: This merger reflects Splunk's and Cisco's shared vision for the future of security and observability, as well as their commitment to innovate and execute on their customer promise. By combining their industry-leading solutions and global scale, they will be able to help businesses access, analyze, and act on data faster and more securely than ever before.


The Rabbit Hole

Tools, trends, and resources curated to get you ahead

DEEP DIVE(threads app) 鈫 A deep dive into how a team of 63 people built Threads scaling to 100M users in 5 days

ARTICLE(scaling Kafka) 鈫 How the Paypal team scaled Kafka for their requirements

TREND(engineering salaries) 鈫 Should you choose more equity or more raw salary in your next salary negotiation

JOBS(executive job search) 鈫 An article diving deep into finding jobs for executives

GITHUB REPO(custom instructions LLM) 鈫 A repository of practical custom instructions to use for your next AI project

ML PAPER(dream LLM) 鈫 A multipurpose LLM for multimodal dialogue and tasks


What If?

The business idea you should steal

馃捈聽馃 JobExec

(AI + job search)

What? A platform that connects executive job seekers with recruiters and employers using AI-powered matching and personalization.

How? Create an LLM-based system that can generate resumes, cover letters, and interview responses for executive candidates based on their skills, experience, and preferences. Using recent advances in multi-modal models, create an interface of dialogue and task systems that can interact with recruiters and employers via text, voice, or video. Use another system to provide salary and equity negotiation tips and insights for executive candidates.

Why? The executive job market is highly competitive and requires a lot of networking, personal branding, and preparation. A platform that can help executive candidates stand out from the crowd, find the best opportunities, and negotiate the best deals would be very valuable. The global executive search market size was USD 14.84 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% from 2021 to 2028.



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